BiophotOmics project involves 4 active partners, (3) laboratories, (1) Innovation Center for Hight Technology in Emilia Romagna Region, and (3) companies


Università degli Studi di Ferrara - LTTA

Referent: Prof. Luca Maria Neri

Team’s member:

The LTTA Laboratory is RER accredited as a facility for Industrial Research and Technology Transfer to promote industrial innovation in the field of Life Sciences and Health Technologies. The LTTA Laboratory has multi-year and multidisciplinary competences in the health sector and studies, for application purposes, mechanisms of tissue differentiation and regeneration with genomic and post-genomic investigations in diseases with high impact on health care: neoplastic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, with activities of 'preclinical testing' through the use of in vitro and in vivo systems (in animal models). Inside the laboratory are operational the services of: Biobank, Cytofluorimetry/Cell Sorting, Advanced Microscopy (Electron and Confocal/Digital), Bioinformatics and Microarray, Molecular Interactions and Biomarkers and Delivery, Clinical Research, Animal Facility. In the BiophotOmics project several LTTA services will be involved, including the Advanced Microscopy service for the validation of biophotonic imaging. LTTA will take care of the development of testing on hematological, dysmetabolic, oncohaematological and nervous models up to validation in an operational environment (TRL7).

Università degli Studi di Bologna - CIRI Scienze della Vita

Referent: Prof.ssa Laura Calzà

Team’s Member:

CIRI-SDV is an industrial research laboratory of the University of Bologna, accredited as a laboratory of Rete Alta Tecnologia. It has a large collection of cell lines of animal and human origin, and uses primary cells of different types (including embryonic and adult somatic stem cells). It uses a wide variety of approaches (immunocytochemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology) and read outs validated for specific models, including through high content analysis. It also uses and creates disease models in laboratory animals (including transgenic models), with particular regard to chronic-degenerative diseases and lesions of the nervous system. The role of CIRI-SDV in the project will therefore be to create disease models, in vitro and / or in vivo, characterized by metabolic alterations that directly or indirectly involve lipid pathways, in order to validate the BiophotOmics device. CIRI-SDV also has a consolidated experience of collaboration with companies in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, production and processing of biomaterials sectors.


Referent: Dott.ssa Carla Ferreri

Working group members:

Proambiente S.c.r.l. is a public - private consortium, participated by the CNR, the University of Ferrara and 11 private companies. The consortium deals with Industrial Research and Technology Transfer in particular in the fields of environmental monitoring and remediation. Its R&D team has consolidated skills in sensors, photonics and in the design of innovative instrumentation, therefore Proambiente is involved in the BiophotOmics project for the design and construction of biophotonic prototype systems up to validating them in the operating environment (TRL7). Proambiente has already developed in the frame of international and national projects custom photonic systems, including:
1) Acusto-Optical Imaging Spectrometer, operating in VIS spectral range addressed to environmental, agricultural and cultural heritage sectors;
2) Three wavelength Lidar for vesical profiling of atmospheric particulate matter or 3D reconstruction of emissions by industrial plants in terms of particulate matter;
3) Uv-Vis Imaging Spectrometer for measurements of minor gas vertical profiles in the atmosphere.


Referent: Dott. Matteo Balboni

Working group members:

The Future in Research Consortium, in 2015 has been credited as technology transfer center of the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna Region; this recognition is in line with its own institutional activity, since CFR proposes itself as a decisive and reliable partner in the promotion of the strategic and innovative technologies from the world of research to the companies, both individually and in synergy with other entities, including the University of Ferrara, one of the Consortium members, with whom the collaboration lasts from years. CFR put in connection the research centers of excellence in research and the demand on R&D point of view and competitive growth expressed by companies; CFR also provides assistance to entrepreneurs in the field of advanced technologies, through consultancy and services, and / or by participating in instrumental companies, including for profit, for the performance of particular activities (conferences, technical-administrative management of spin-offs, etc. .), as well as finalizing cooperation agreements, including international ones, between research bodies and industrial companies.



Dott.ssa Raffaella Rinaldi – Responsabile Marketing e Comunicazione, Dott.ssa Grazia Sorrentino

Company born as a spin-off of the CNR and currently leader of the nutrilipidomics approach to human health. The innovation, born by CNR research and brought to the market, starts from the membrane lipidomic analysis determining human molecular profiles in various physiological and pathological conditions, as described in the literature of the last 15 years. Lipinutragen holds the ISO 17025 accredited robotic protocol for the selection of mature red blood cells from a small blood sample and obtaining the lipidomic profile. The company is also able to formulate nutraceuticals targeted to the membrane for the recovery of optimal conditions of molecular homeostasis. Participation in Biophotomics will allow the development of lipidomic analysis coupled with biophotonic examination as an innovation in the field of membrane-based diagnostics. Website:


Dott. Tiziano Batani

SILFRADENT SRL is a company founded in 1975. It operates in different sectors including the medical devices market with research, design and production activities at the headquarters in S.Sofia and the subsidiary in Imola with a wide portfolio of national and international customers in the health sector. It also produces equipment for the preparation and use of blood components containing growth factors, applicable in regenerative medicine. It has a strong interest in the potential̀ of biophotonic technology and portable device to measure parameters obtained from blood sampling, with possible spin-offs also in regenerative medicine. The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 with in-house expertise on medical devices. It has a strong commercial network for the international distribution of its devices: it has representative offices located in South Korea and Vietnam (Southeast Asian market), USA. It regularly participates in medical trade fairs such as MEDICA in Düsseldorf, IDS in Cologne, Arab Health in Dubai, FIME in USA (Florida), ADF in Paris. It invests in educational-training seminars that it regularly holds at its headquarters to better intercept and inform potential customers.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Referent: Dott. Daniele Gullà

Hyperspectral Imaging of Daniele Gullà (HSdDG) deals with the use of multispectral photonics devices for production and application developments. The company already has ongoing collaborations with Proambiente on hyperspectral measurements. HSdDG is particularly active on multispectral characterizations, as well as vibrational, of the movement of cells in vitro subjected to different stimuli, with the aim of classification and parameterization of correlated patterns. It collaborates with ASL-ER on the emission spectrum of different types of patients in relation to the psychophysiological state. The strength of HSdDG lies in its flexibility to address and contribute to interdisciplinary studies: medicine, spectroscopy, vibration, thermography, etc. For this proposal HSdDG will provide know-how both in the definition phase of the requirements for prototypes and in the development phase of the procedures for laboratory testing. The project is part of its business development plan in order to enrich the set of information that the BiophotOmics device can potentially provide with a merging of hyperspectral and vibrational technologies.



Dott. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu

The Institute of Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity (ISOF) belongs to the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of Materials (DSCTM) of the CNR and deals in a multidisciplinary way with chemical and molecular aspects associated with biological mechanisms, in particular with cellular stress and its application to human health. ISOF has specific experience in the preparation of liposomes as biomimetic models for the study of properties and reactivity of cell membranes, and has highly qualified personnel to carry out calibration measurements and quantitative evaluation of molecular membrane components to be correlated to biophotonic-omic data, such as foreseen in the Biophotomics project.


Referent: Dott. Fabrizio Ravegnani

The Institute of Atmosphere’s and Climate’s Science is a multidisciplinary Institute afferent at CNR, located in Bologna. ISAC-CNR promote and develop a scientific integrated understanding of the atmosphere, od the ocean and their process through a multidisciplinary approach that combine scientific and technological skills of the sectors such as meteorology, climatology, atmosphere’s dynamic, chemistry composition, earth’s observation, performing teoric research, sperimental research, testing of optic/spectral instrument. ISAC located in Bologna have a photonic laboratory where specialized people characterize the new device and where they test it. ISAC is well known in the international environment thanks to all the collaboration with Mondial and European laboratory.